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Interior and exterior Detail

3 Year Ceramic Coating


10 Year Ceramic Coating 

Paint correction

Full Interior Detail


Your Vehicle Makeover


Reflect Detailing 


Exterior Detailing



Deserves it

Here at Reflect Detailing we do not simply settle on the phrase "It looks good enough". We strive for perfection and we trully believe your vehicle  is a direct "reflection" of yourself.  Let us make your vehicle's exterior look brand new with our thorough exterior detail process. 

Car Dashboard

Interior Detailing 



It Better

Here at Reflect Detailing, we believe a clean interior can increase one's productivity, daily mood, and give  your passengers a good first and last impression. Let the experts make your interior look and smell like new again.

Black Sports Car

Paint Correction

Paint correction is a process that removes all blemishes and microscratches from your vehicle's paint, restoring it to its original condition and enhancing its shine and gloss. Our team of experienced professionals will carefully and expertly work to restore your vehicle's paint to its original beauty and luster.

Ceramic Coating

At Reflect Detailing, we specialize in ceramic coatings that provide a superior level of protection for your vehicle. Our coating adds 10 years of protection for your vehicle’s exterior and shields your paint from the acidity of bugs, car wash scratching, UV rays, salt and rock chipping. With our ceramic coating, you will never need to wax your vehicle again. We are dedicated to providing top-notch service and customer satisfaction. Our experienced team can help you protect your vehicle for years to come. Come to Reflect Detailing for all your ceramic coating needs.

Our Customer Reviews

Rebecca S.

Kate M.

Andrea B.

Kunzul K.

Julie C.

"I could not be happier with how my car came out! Its so worth the price. We just booked our truck to have done this week. We will be a repeat customer."

"A shout out to Gavin and his wonderful company, can personally recommend his company. Gavin took my 03 T-Bird and cleaned it top to bottom inside and out. I really appreciate the suggestions he gave me to help restore my beautiful little Tbird and get it car show ready, Thank you so much Gavin !!"

"Gavin Yi and his crew at Reflect Detailing did a wonderful job detailing my car yesterday. I highly recommend Gavin"

" Was very impressed with the quality and detail of the job Reflect Detailing did on my large SUV! My car's black interior was full of toddler stains and spills & was a general mess. Its white exterior was covered in mottling and environmental stains, but looked NEW when I picked it up. The tires and wheels were shiny and beautiful. My husband is taking his car next! Recommend to all!"

"Gavin and his crew did a fantastic job. I had some paint issues and he made my care look brand new. Thanks so much b."

Mechanical Car Piece

Tools and Products 


Steam Cleaning

Used to remove paint contamination of the surface

Iron Decontamintation


Used to remove iron and other contaminates that dwell below the paint's surface



Restores the natural shine to your vehicle


Window Cleaner

Our wax protects your paint's surface for six months

Paint Sealants

Zero Acid Wheel Cleaner

Safely eats away break dust that is on the rims and inner barrel


Big Foot Rotaries

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